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Self care
image of Gym day pass
Gym day passHussle£10.00
image of Gym & swim pass
Gym & swim passHussle£16.50
image of Wellness edit basket
Wellness edit basketThe White Company£96.00
image of Flowers gift set
Flowers gift setThe White Company£34.00
image of Luxury diffuser
Luxury diffuserThe White Company£36.00
image of Blanc two wick candle
Blanc two wick candleThe White Company£41.00
image of Nourish wellness basket
Nourish wellness basketThe White Company£74.00
image of Dimple incense holder
Dimple incense holderMaegen£16.85
image of Incense sticks
Incense sticksMaegen£16.95
image of Classic 3oz candle
Classic 3oz candleWXY candles£17.90
image of Lilo incense holder
Lilo incense holderMaegen£23.95
image of Set of 6 rainbow coffee mugs
Set of 6 rainbow coffee mugsLe Creuset£93.00
image of Set of 6 rainbow espresso mugs
Set of 6 rainbow espresso mugsLe Creuset£80.00
image of Movie Ticket
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Movie TicketVue£9.99
image of Protein fitness bundle
Protein fitness bundleTribe£5.00
image of Treat yourself bath duo set
Treat yourself bath duo setLUSH£16.00
image of Relax bath duo set
Relax bath duo setLUSH£16.00
image of Thank you bath duo set
Thank you bath duo setLUSH£16.00
image of Classic 5oz candle
Classic 5oz candleWXY candles£18.60
image of Illustrated candle
Illustrated candleMaegen£23.95
image of Classic fragrance set
Classic fragrance setMaegen£50.00
image of A5 desk pad with pen
A5 desk pad with penMartha Brook£12.95
image of Recycled notebook
Recycled notebookMartha Brook£15.95
image of A4 desk pad with pen
A4 desk pad with penMartha Brook£15.95
image of Desk accessories
Desk accessoriesMartha Brook£19.95
image of Stationery gift
Stationery giftMartha Brook£19.95
image of Vegan leather notebook
Vegan leather notebookMartha Brook£25.95
image of Stationery gift set
Stationery gift setMartha Brook£26.40
image of Stationery bundle
Stationery bundleMartha Brook£35.95
image of Life planner set
Life planner setMartha Brook£49.80
image of Letterbox flowers
Letterbox flowersBloom & Wild£27.00
image of House plant
House plantBloom & Wild£30.00
image of Large bouquet or plant
Large bouquet or plantBloom & Wild£50.00
image of Dried flower bouquet
Dried flower bouquetBloom & Wild£50.00
image of Premium house plant
Premium house plantBloom & Wild£65.00
image of Book
BookThe Willoughby Book Club£15.00
image of Book selection
Book selectionThe Willoughby Book Club£25.00
image of Luxury bath & body
Luxury bath & bodyMolton Brown£25.00
image of Candle & bathing gift set
Candle & bathing gift setMolton Brown£70.00
image of Nourishment kit
Nourishment kitZooki£10.50
image of Supplement pack
Supplement packZooki£22.49
image of Nutrition bundle
Nutrition bundleZooki£40.48
image of Book from chosen genre
Book from chosen genreAfrori Books£15.00
image of Candle making kit
Candle making kitSculpd£31.00
image of Home pottery kit
Home pottery kitSculpd£41.00
image of Pottery & paints kit
Pottery & paints kitSculpd£60.00
image of Bath & bodycare
Bath & bodycareL'Occitane£33.00
image of Luxury bath & bodycare
Luxury bath & bodycareL'Occitane£48.00
image of Mini succulent duo
Mini succulent duoGluttonous Gardener£18.00
image of Growbar
GrowbarThe Gluttonous Gardener£12.00
image of Seed kit
Seed kitThe Gluttonous Gardener£20.00
image of Flower crate
Flower crateThe Gluttonous Gardener£50.00
image of Foodie crate
Foodie crateThe Gluttonous Gardener£50.00
image of Bedtime bundle
Bedtime bundleGrüum£10.00
image of SPF & purifying sets
SPF & purifying setsGrüum£18.00
image of Salt & soak gift set
Salt & soak gift setGrüum£26.00
image of 1000pc jigsaw
1000pc jigsawCloudberries£23.94
image of 2000pc jigsaw
2000pc jigsawCloudberries£28.94
image of Sunrise alarm
Sunrise alarmLumie£49.98
image of Lumie SAD gift
Lumie SAD giftLumie£99.00